#Auction4AWEfund #Take2 February 5th-10th!

The #Auction4AWEfund #Take2 is now live!

Join us between 6pm ET on Friday, February 5th and 9pm ET on Wednesday, February 10th. We will add new listings throughout the auction period this time, so be sure to check back daily to see what has appeared on the site — and keep an eye on those items you hope to snag for your very own!

Our fundraising goal for this event is $2,500.00.
Every bid and signal boost helps!

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Anna Clutterbuck-Cook

Queer feminist, #fanfic author, historian, ref. librarian, reader of #romance, founder of #PersistentStitches. Possessed of 1 wife, 2 cats. She/her, white, cis.