Become an #AWEfund Storyteller!

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Are you an archival worker who was financially impacted by COVID-19? Would you like to share your story as a blog post?

Storytelling is a powerful tool in organizing for social justice. Personal stories help us understand how systemic, interlocking oppressions constrain individual lives and provide concrete examples of how people working together—in mutual aid—can break open those systems and build a more just future.

We are keenly aware that financial distress often comes with feelings of shame and powerlessness, and that narratives of charitable giving typically operate on the assumption that donors and those who receive aid form two independent groups. The AWE Fund is grounded in the understanding that most of us in the world of archival work are (or have been at some point in our careers) a paycheck away from needing the type of mutual aid the AWE Fund will provide. At the same time, we are aware that workers with secure positions are sometimes unaware of the precarity built into their colleagues’ careers.

Stories will appear on the AWE Fund blog with the option to publish them anonymously, by pseudonym, or with your name as a byline. We encourage submissions to be 500 words or less. AWE Fund organizers will use these stories in their fundraising efforts as a way to demonstrate the positive impact mutual aid has had for our collective well-being as a community of archival workers. We will also be sharing these stories via social media using the #AWEfund hashtag and encourage storytellers to do the same. 

If you would like to contribute to the #AWEfund Storytellers blog series, and/or have questions about the series, please contact the AWE Fund Organizers ( or complete the blog submission form below.