AWE Fund, One Year Later

Infographic summarizing the amount of money raised and distributed by the AWE Fund.
Infographic summarizing the funds raised and disbursed by the AWE Fund, created by Carady DeSimone

Dear friends,

It’s hard to believe that a full year has passed since COVID changed our lives. The Archival Workers Emergency Fund Organizing Committee members want to sincerely thank every one of you for your solidarity through this difficult year. On March 13, 2020, Jessica Chapel first sent the call out for organizing on the SAA Leader List and social media, you answered, and we built the fund and the associated fundraising and other efforts together. In the midst of uncertainty and anxiety, layoffs and closures, you said, how can we show up for our colleagues who are hurting the most?

Our grassroots organizing to help archival workers in need during the pandemic offers example after example of generosity, resilience, and collaboration. Thanks to the generosity of the SAA Foundation and more than 900 donors, $146,625 has been distributed to 175 archival workers affected by the COVID crisis.

As the pandemic continues to stretch onwards and budgets for archival repositories continue to flex and flux, we remain committed to helping our colleagues through these difficult times.

Birthday fundraising campaign

To celebrate the one year birthday of AWE Fund, the AWE Fund Organizing Committee has set the goal of reaching $1,000 a month in recurring donations and 100 recurring donors by the end of the AWE Fund’s birthday week, April 8th-15th. Making a single or recurring donation to Coffee for Colleagues (Tea on Me) is easy to do, and the minimum single or recurring amount is $5, which we hope means that many donors will be able to participate. Recurring donations can be cancelled at any time, especially given that those who are financially secure today may find themselves in a different situation tomorrow. 

If you choose not to participate, you can still help us spread the word about AWE Fund’s one year birthday. Follow our birthday celebration on Twitter @AWEfund2020.

Panel Discussions

We are planning our 2021 season of panel discussions and seek speaker self-nominations! We hope to organize panels on topics including:

  • Students and new professionals during the pandemic
  • Pandemic impacts on archival workers
  • Labor and union organizing
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Alternative archival career paths
  • Possibly other topics TBD

We seek a diverse representation of perspectives and experiences on our panels from student to administrator level workers, rural to urban settings, and a variety of archival institutions and archives-adjacent fields. BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and people with disabilities are especially encouraged to apply.

If you or any archival worker you know would be interested in participating in a panel discussion, please fill out the Speaker Self-Nomination Form. Submissions will be received on a rolling basis but we encourage anyone interested in possibly participating to please submit their information as soon as possible, since it takes several months to plan and prepare each session. 

In solidarity,
Members of the AWE Fund Organizing Committee

#Auction4AWEfund #Take2 February 5th-10th!

The #Auction4AWEfund #Take2 is now live!

Join us between 6pm ET on Friday, February 5th and 9pm ET on Wednesday, February 10th. We will add new listings throughout the auction period this time, so be sure to check back daily to see what has appeared on the site — and keep an eye on those items you hope to snag for your very own!

Our fundraising goal for this event is $2,500.00.
Every bid and signal boost helps!

Coffee for Colleagues (Tea on Me): October 2020 Campaign Update

Cross-posted from our GoFundMe page.

The Coffee for Colleagues (Tea on Me) campaign is one month old today and we wanted to share some updates and a couple of reminders.

First, the important news:

Coffee for Colleagues (Tea on Me) raised $1,095 in our first month!

This surpassed our goal of $1,000 and as of this morning we are nearly 20% of the way toward our second $1,000 raised for October. Thank you all! The median donation amount given in September was $15 … the price of just three lattes! We truly mean it when we say every $5 donation matters and one by one will add up to ensuring our collective ability to meet our colleagues in financial crisis with funding to help them stay fed, remain in their homes, or access the healthcare they need to survive.

$132,550 and Counting!

As of September 15, 2020 the Archival Workers Emergency Fund has disbursed $132,550 in cash grants to 153 applicants. We continue to review applications and disburse funds to qualifying applicants on a weekly basis. These grants were made possible through donations from more than 750 individuals and organizations — including each and every one you!

Become a Monthly “Caffeinator”!

We all know caffeine is a powerful (often necessary!) fuel for social justice organizing. If you have a stable income right now and can afford to set up a recurring donation through the Coffee for Colleagues (Tea on Me) campaign, we would welcome a monthly donation at $5 or more. This steady income from our dedicated Caffeinators will help us act out of abundance when distributing funds to our colleagues in need.

How to Change or Cancel Recurring Donations

If you elected to set up a recurring donation when you made your pledge in September, your next donation will be automatically debited on the date you made the first donation (example: if you donated on 9/15 your next charge will be on 10/15).

We understand that peoples’ financial circumstances change. If you need to adjust or cancel your recurring donation, login to your Charity GoFundMe profile and go to Account Settings > Recurring Gift Plans to make any necessary changes. Here is the FAQ for donor if you need more information. 

Need (or Know Someone Who Needs?) the AWE Fund?

Remember that the Archival Workers Emergency Fund is open to all U.S.-based archival workers. As long as you have not already received funding through the AWE Fund since it launched in April 2020 you are eligible to apply. Information on how to apply and the online application form may be found on the SAA Foundation website.

And Finally … Check Out Our Online Programs!

Did you know that the AWE Fund Organizing Committee has partnered with other library, Archives, and museum folks to host  conversations about work in the cultural heritage field? Our July panel, Community at Work: LAM Mutual Aid and Solidarity, and our September panel, Making and Talking Money: LAM Salary Transparency are both available for watching/listening at our YouTube channel. 

In gratitude and solidarity,

Anna J. Clutterbuck-Cook
On behalf of the AWE Fund Organizing Committee
Web: | Twitter: @awefund2020