Mutual Aid Match-Up

Inspired by the mutual aid efforts of the MARAC and the BIPOC Library Residents mutual aid networks, the Archival Workers Emergency Fund organizers have started a simple Mutual Aid Match-Up sheet. This effort is intended to complement the efforts of ongoing mutual aid networks that are operating across the U.S., in a recognition that there are numerous ways to help each other and numerous categories of need.

This sign up sheet is editable, designed to help connect archival workers who are in need with people willing to help. Types of mutual aid offered or requested might include tech equipment, career mentoring/advice, and other forms of aid related to archival work or the more general needs of archival workers.

Please note that we are not claiming any responsibility for the actions of participants on this sheet. Be cautious when working with people you don’t know. Information on this sheet is visible to anyone. Be careful about any personal information you share.

Any archival worker, regardless of current employment status or geographic location, is welcome to participate in this mutual aid network. 

If you have questions about this sheet or need to report an inappropriate post, please get in touch with us at